S9650 Australia Norwex Catalogue May 2017 S9650 Australia Norwex Catalogue May 2017 - Page 19

My Story “My journey with Norwex began when a friend loaned me her Mattress Cleaner for our son’s severe eczema and dust mite allergy! I was amazed!! A love of each product I tried and a desire to ‘Norwex’ our entire home were my only reasons for joining as a Consultant 6 years ago. On maternity leave with 3 boys under 5, I was however craving greater flexibility in my career without compromising on job satisfaction. Never did I expect that by the time my leave ran out I would have replaced my part-time income, and be in the position to stay home with my boys. I will be forever grateful to my friend who shared Norwex with me! With zero experience in sales or running a business, discovering Norwex was the unexpected introduction to a successful family business, with the added rewards of flexibility, friendships, travel, personal growth, and above all the satisfaction that comes with the knowledge that we are making a difference.” Rebecca Allpass, Vice President Sales Leader B7&VFr6fRfV2f"6V'07&WG@WG&VVǒGW&&RBr7Fp67'V&&W"f"&VǒFVv'2&VfW2G&VB"'W&Bf@g&G2B2FR`7FW727FVVW6R6WF67&F66R7W&f6W2गFV33SC%%CrS6b "ER5B$RdRp( F2&GV7B2sN( 2RbאffW&FW2N( 2gFV&VfW'&VBF'ג7W7FW'02( V&rw&V6R.( W6RB'6WFVǐWfW'vW&Rf"גFVv6VrF620'W7v&rVF2r7FrVfW'6&GV7B2'6WFRƖfW6fW"( ФVV'W666V"WV7WFfR6W2VFW"B7&VFr6fRfV2f"fW"V'0֖vGW6B67'V&&W 6fRW"2V7w&FPW26Vr'&VWR'W7Bg&VR7FW727FVV67'V&&W"W6P6WF67&F66R7W&f6W2गFV33SC0%%C#P7&7vP67&F6r67'V&&W"7vP&VfW27F67V'7F6W2g&Ч7W&f6W26fRf"W6RЧ7F67W&f6W2Bv72F7FfW2B&V6VFVBf"W6R''W6VB7FW727FVVƖ6W2गFV33SC %%C26b