S9650 Australia Norwex Catalogue May 2017 S9650 Australia Norwex Catalogue May 2017 - Page 14

My Story “When I joined Norwex two years ago my son was only 7 months old, I was getting ready to return to work and I had no idea how much of an impact this ‘hobby’ would have on my life. I started out wanting to do just 1-2 parties a month, to cover the expenses now that I would be working only part-time. Sharing the Norwex Purpose by teaching others how they can reduce the harmful chemicals in their homes and gain their life back thanks to our quick and easy cleaning solutions, is such a rewarding experience for me. What an incredible journey this has been! Empowering people with the knowledge I have gained is an absolute joy to me. I get so excited when I’m able to spoil Customers and Hosts, and watch Team members develop and grow. I am so fortunate to have stumbled across this path which has given me the chance to spend more time with my young family and only work part-time.  This business has been the best thing I didn’t know I needed.” Erin Porter, Senior Executive Sales Leader, TAS, Creating safe havens for two years Carpet Stain Buster Our enzyme-based carpet cleaning solution dissolves and eliminates even the toughest stains, while neutralising odours. Biodegradable, so it won’t contaminate waterways. Great fo