S9650 Australia Norwex Catalogue May 2017 S9650 Australia Norwex Catalogue May 2017 - Page 12

Mop Pads Pick Up Everything Using Only Water CLEAN FLOORS AND SO MUCH MORE! Keeping your home a Safe haven can be challenging, especially with the amount of pollution, pesticides, dirt and debris you track in from outside. Replace your traditional messy mop and heavy bucket, and bring out the natural beauty of your home using only water. D E S I G N E D W I T H TO DAY ’ S BU SY FA MIL IE S IN M IND, N O R W E X M O P SYST E M S : Dry Superior Mop Pad Made of 100% microfibre, the Dry Superior Mop Pad is statically charged and will pick up the smallest particles of dirt, dust, pet hair, crumbs and more. Size: 52 cm x 15 cm Item #: 352011 RRP $48.50 • Replace expensive floor cleaners containing harsh chemicals • Eliminate harmful chemicals on your floors, where children and pets play • Clean floors quickly and easily using only Norwex Microfibre and water • Floors dry super fast • Safe for wood, laminate, tile and vinyl • Telescopic Mop Handle extends to easily get walls, windows and other hard-to-reach areas clean, too Connect with your Norwex Consultant about how to earn a Norwex Mop System for FREE! Tile Mop Pad The Tile Mop Pad gives you extra cleaning power wet or dry on hard surfaces. Special nylon fibres are woven into our microfibre pad to make removing dirt and debris from tile floors quick and easy. Size: 52 cm x 14 cm Item #: 350106 RRP $47.00 Wet Mop Pad The microfibre Wet Mop Pad is ideal for washing floors and walls. After using, remove pad from base, rinse and hang to dry. The pad does not need to be laundered after every use – only when the front inch of the pad edge becomes soiled. Size: 52 cm x 14 cm Item #: 350001 RRP $47.00 PR ODUC T R EVI EW “This Mop System will absolutely transform the way you clean your floors. It allows super fast, extremely effective cleaning that even a child can master! The system combines to pick up dust, hair and small particles and will leave your floor sparkling and streak free. Great for a full house mop, spot cleaning or tidying up spills. Add some accessories for cleaning cobwebs, windows and hard to reach spots in your home. Talk to your Consultant today about the best Mop Pads to fit your needs and ask them how you could earn one for free as a Host.” Aneeka Nichols, Executive Sales Leader, ACT Creating safe havens for five years 12 10% SAVE ITH W SIDED LE- S SING SYSTEM P O M etails on d e 47 pag