S9650 Australia Norwex Catalogue May 2017 S9650 Australia Norwex Catalogue May 2017 - Page 10

A Powerful Cleaning Solution That Fits Like a Glove E N VIRO FACT Dusting Mitt With its thick, terrycloth-like texture, the Dusting Mitt attracts and holds dust and other dust-related allergens. Its dense, plush fibres then keep dust from resettling, so your home stays cleaner, longer. Great for quick, chemical-free, easy dusting throughout the house, including blinds, screens and other hard-to-clean areas. Can be used wet or dry. Kids Dust Mitt available on page 43. Size: 2  6 cm x 14 cm Item #: 308000 blue Item #: 308002 green Household dust can often contain chemicals ranging from phthalates to pesticides, as well as countless other pollutants tracked in from outdoors. RRP $26.50 HOST GIFT ONLY* 10 * Ask your Consultant how you can achieve this.