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Hosting a Norwex party is fun and easy and you get lots of great rewards for very little effort. I had an online party which meant that I didn’t have to tidy my house and I could do it in my pyjamas in the comfort of my own house. I just invited friends online through Facebook. Rachelle posted lots of interesting and informative posts and videos so that we could learn about the products. Rachelle was very friendly and willing to answer any questions and wasn’t pushy. There were lots of competitions that were fun and a great way to win free products. I don’t understand why anyone would not want to have a party. Such an easy, cheap way to build up your Norwex collection! Katrina T Host of Rachelle Potter Senior Executive Sales Leader, NSW Creating Safe Havens for 5 years I love Norwex products that much that I decided to host my first party in February, and I hosted again recently because the first one was such a huge success! Hosting was so easy and relaxing. I organised a few drinks/ nibbles and gathered my friends while my Consultant did the rest. The hardest part was keeping something dirty in the house to demonstrate! The host rewards are AMAZING! I received over $800 in FREE products and was super excited to get the Mop System for FREE! Not bad for organising some drinks/ nibbles and gathering a few friends together! Do yourself a favour and give Norwex a go. I promise you won’t be disappointed! Jacinta K Norwex Host of Michelle Szeto Senior Executive Sales Leader, VIC Creating Safe Havens for 5 years N OR WEX PA RT Y H OST BENEF ITS Hosting an enjoyable Norwex party is the smart way to go, if there are more products you need and if your shopping list is getting way too long! When you share Norwex by hosting a party, you will have fun, learn more, inspire others and receive up to four different levels of amazing free gifts & credit, as a special thank you for helping to introduce your family & friends to these incredible products. Rhian Borowicz Senior Executive Sales Leader, QLD Creating Safe Havens for 7 years ST •  Earn FREE shipping/handling on your Host Order with 5+ buying guests! • Earn FREE products with 5+ buying guests! 2 Receive 8% – 12% of your party sales in FREE products! R STA 3 Earn FREE products for each party booked! 4 E  arn 1 of 4 Monthly Host Gifts packages when you have just 1 booking and over RRP $450 in sales! 1 AR R STA R STA Total = Hundreds of dollars in FREE Norwex products for YOU! Value of Host Gifts changes monthly. See the monthly Host Gifts Flyer for full details. 53