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EARN HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS IN FREE Norwex Products ® WHILE CREATING A SAFE HAVEN! H OST A Norwex Party Hosting a Norwex Party is a great way to make an impact and is fast, fun and easy! • Earn free products • Learn more about cleaning without harmful chemicals • Have fun with your friends With our environmentally friendly products and the help of your friends and family, together we can create Safe Havens as we make a powerful and positive difference in the world. Ask your Norwex Consultant for details! 52 Hosting a quick party for your friends is so fun and rewarding – for them and for you! When you invite your friends and family over for a catch up, your Consultant will show them how they too can save time and money and get the amazing results you do. They’ll be so thankful you invited them, and love the convenience of a one-stop- shop for Safe Haven products. And for your act of sharing, Norwex rewards you with an insane amount of free products from your Wish List so you can rid even more harsh chemicals and save even more time and money. It is the best way to convert your home to Norwex products and help others escape more toxins. Cathy Lee Executive Vice President Sales Leader, QLD Creating Safe Havens for 6.5 years Being a Host is about being thoughtful and making a difference, creating an opportunity for family & friends to take time out from their busy lives to come together, relax, have fun and enjoy each others company. Your guests will be thankful to you for hosting a Norwex demonstration, introducing them to healthier, safer, environmentally friendly products that will in turn save them time and money, whilst getting them fabulous results. Leanne Arnold Senior Executive Sales Leader, VIC Creating Safe Havens for 4.5 years