S9618a 2018 Norwex Australian Catalogue s9618a_2018_aus_catalogue_flip - Page 47

Help Norwex Create Brighter Futures! A portion of the proceeds from each Kids EnviroCloth TM benefits Norwex charitable programs. Since the beginning of our Charitable Initiative in 2013, Norwex has donated over $1,200,000 to Consultant-nominated nonprofit organisations through our worldwide giving programs. This year, we hope to create a bigger impact in our communities by donating at least $66,000 to organisations focused on creating brighter futures for our children. Create a safe haven for your children while helping us reach our goal, with your pur 66RbG2Vf&6FDG2Vf&6F(J 6S rR6#R6ФFV33CR%%CbSg&V'FFV6V&W"3#֖VbCcbbFR&6VVG2g&6W0v7W'BFR'vWfVFFf"'&vFW gWGW&RBG26&F&R&w&27&VFp'&vFW"gWGW&W2f"vVW&F2F6RG2GW7B֗G@G2vFr6F6Sr6R6ФFV33C2%%CbS6S0r636ФFV33C"%%CSG2WBFG'W"G2vfRFR7WFRFg2BFR7VFFǐ6gFW72bFW6R6VR֖7&f'&RBFvV2FPW7Bf"FV^( fRFRF&7FW&&W'FW2`W"W6W6fR&46*6VbW&grvVBvFFPFvVFR6fVVBvW"W2BV7FpvW&RBN( 2w&VBf"vV^( &RFRv@F&RW6VB2F6S63R6ФFV33PrFV33BVrFvW FV33p'&v&V"FV33bw&WGFV%%C#RSC