S9618a 2018 Norwex Australian Catalogue s9618a_2018_aus_catalogue_flip - Page 45

CLEAN AND GLOWING SKIN Head to Toe Makeup Removal Cloth Set The ultimate chemical- free facial cleansing cloth! These ultra-soft suede-like microfibre cloths remove all traces of makeup using only water. Gently remove makeup, eyeliner – even mascara – without soap or harsh, drying cleansers. Perfect for irritated, mature and sensitive skin too. Size: 20 cm x 20 cm Item #: 306100 blue, green, purple RRP $25.50 set of 3 Foot Stone Made of 100% pumice, our Foot Stone is nature’s remedy for dry, rough skin. It safely and gently removes corns and smoothes away calluses. Use daily and follow with Timeless Organic Shea Butter (page 43) for soft, refreshed feet. Size: 1 cm x 4 cm x 9 cm Item #: 357120 RRP $23.50 Hair Turban The lightweight Hair Turban quickly absorbs up to 75% of the water from your hair. Less blow drying means less energy used, as well as healthier hair! One size fits most. Item #: 309051 light blue Item #: 309050 vanilla RRP $37.50 Spa Wrap Lightweight, soft and supple, our Spa Wrap is made from super- absorbent Norwex Microfibre to keep you dry and comfortable as you prepare for your day, unwind or relax by the pool or at the beach. Its strong elastic won’t stretch out so it fits snugly every time. Velcro® closure allows you to adjust tightness; plus, it dries quickly so it’s always ready when you are. Size: 77 cm x 147 cm Item #: 309063 light blue RRP $68.50 45