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Start THE DAY Fresh! Norwex Toothpaste Our Norwex Toothpaste is a fresh and effective alternative for helping keep your teeth clean and bright. Our unique formula is free from artificial flavours, dyes and sweeteners, with no harmful chemicals. Long-lasting and comes in two flavours; refreshing mint and a delicious strawberry flavour your kids will love! Free from: SLS and SLES; fluoride; microbeads; GMO ingredients; artificial flavors, dyes and sweeteners; parabens; phosphates; phthalates; triclosan; synthetic preservatives. Size: 7  5 ml Cooling Mint Item #: 403185 RRP $23.00 Kids Strawberry Item #: 403186 RRP $23.00 Deodorant Stick Our Deodorant Stick uses a gentle blend of essential oils and natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Tea Tree and Sage to help soothe skin. Combats odour-causing bacteria, giving you the long-lasting freshness you need to feel confident all day. This powerful deodorant is the perfect alternative to traditional antiperspirants that may contain triclosan, phthalates, synthetic preservatives and other harmful chemicals. Size: 50ml Item #: 403602 RRP $24.00 Crystal Deodorant Our Crystal Deodorant is made from natural salt crystals to help eliminate odour-causing bacteria. Won’t stop natural perspiration. Size: approx. 75g Item #: 403600 RRP $17.50 Product Review “The Deodorant Stick is a lovely creamy blend of subtle scents that stops the stink! I love it. Works well and love the great feeling knowing everyone, even young teens can use safely, with the assurance that it’s doing its job while being gentle on the body at the same time.” Heather Callahan Executive Sales Leader, VIC Creating Safe Havens for 4 years 39