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Bathroom Scrub Mitt Product Review “I don’t need to worry about dragging the chemicals and grout brush out to clean my shower anymore. A quick 30 second wipe down with my Bathroom Scrub Mitt after my shower every 1-2 days, removes all the soap scum and excess water – which removes the need to do that tedious shower recess clean!” Microfibre on one side and scrub mesh on the other combine to easily remove stubborn dirt and grime. Sponge liner adds extra absorbency. Size: 2  3 cm x 17 cm Rebecca Hayward Executive Sales Leader, W.A. Creating Safe Havens for 4 years HOST GIFT ONLY* Ergonomic Toilet Brush and Holder Our Ergonomic Toilet Brush contains an antibacterial agent to help suppress the growth of bacteria and mould to protect the brush. The brush’s ThermoPlastic Rubber bristles are extremely durable and flexible and won’t wear out as quickly over time like with standard nylon brush bristles. It also features an ergonomic handle with non-slip grip and a special extension that reaches under the rim for quick and easy cleaning. 2-year warranty Size: 13.4 cm x 44.1 cm Item #: 357009 RRP $26.50 Sanira Toilet Brush System The Sanira System combines toilet brush, caddy and self-dispensing cleaning solution all in one. The non-corrosive, vegetable-based cleaning solution is safe for septic systems and biodegrades within 48 hours. The brush is made without cavities, reducing the chance of bacteria remaining in crevices. Solution lasts approximately one year when used once a week. Item #: 403200 RRP $84.50 Sanira Refill Size: refill, 450 ml. Item #: 403201 RRP $36.50 * Ask your Consultant how you can achieve this. 37