S9618a 2018 Norwex Australian Catalogue s9618a_2018_aus_catalogue_flip - Page 22

Put Sustainability ON THE MENU NEW COLOUR Norwex Napkins Made from 50% Recycled Materials 22 What’s ultra-convenient and helps you clean up the world every time you clean your plate? Norwex Napkins made from 50% recycled materials, of course! Each set is made from the equivalent of five recycled plastic bottles (500 ml). And they have everything you love about our Norwex Microfibre, like our BacLock® self-cleansing agent and those extra-fine fibres that absorb and hold spills and dribbles so much better than anything else. Plus they’re much more sustainable and affordable than paper towels. Size: 43.2 cm x 31.8 cm Item #: 307401 slate Item #: 307405 peacock (New in Autumn!) RRP $43.00 set of 4