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Sustainability IS ALWAYS WITHIN Reach LIMITED EDITION WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Limited Edition! NEW Counter Cloths and Box Set Counter Cloths Made from 50% Recycled Materials NEW These ultra-absorbent, reusable cloths feature a unique new weave to quickly pick up spills and messes in the kitchen, bathroom – really anywhere! Constructed from Norwex Microfibre made from 50% recycled materials in the same size as a half-sheet of paper towel, each set contains almost a whole recycled plastic bottle (500 ml), so you’re helping to clean up the world every time you quickly clean up! Size: 28 cm x 13 cm Item #: 307411 slate, vanilla, mushroom Item #: 307413 marine, teal, sea mist RRP $28.00 set of 3 20 Almost 50% of earths original forest Enviro cover is gone, much destroyed within Fact the past 3 decades! Every cloth needs a home – like our exclusive, Norwex-branded Counter Cloth Box, shaped like a cosy house and sized for up to 12 Counter Cloths! Set contains all six colours of Counter Cloths and keeps them within easy reach on kitchen and bathroom countertops for a quick, grab-and-go clean! While supplies last! Size: 24 cm x 14.9 cm x 8.5 cm Item #: 1111 RRP $65.00 1 of each set of Counter Cloths and black, open-frame metal wire box