S9618a 2018 Norwex Australian Catalogue s9618a_2018_aus_catalogue_flip - Page 2

TA B LE O F Contents MIC R OFIB R E FAM I LY Kitchen and 18–27 Sustainability Solutions Body Care Solutions 38–41 Kids’ Products 46–47 Laundry, Bedding 28–35 and Odour Solutions Skin Care Solutions 42–43 Pets, Sports and Car 48–49 Cleaning Microfibre 8–13 Personal Care Microfibre 44–45 Mop Systems and Accessories PERSONAL CARE 6–7 Norwex Microfibre Overview 2 HO U S E HO LD 14–17 Bathroom Solutions 36–37 O P P ORT U NI TY Product Collections 50–51 Host a Norwex Party 52–53 Join Us! 54–55