R&W Lindfield's Quarterly Book RWL Quarterly Booklet 29th Edition - Page 3

2017: the year of colour Where do we draw colour inspiration from? When we take a look at the world around us, speaking with Lynne of Lynne Bradley Interiors, she shared which direction 2017 is heading in the world of colour and interiors. Sentience Embracing soft mellow hues with warm, flesh tones, this palette is inspired by the texture and beauty of nature promoting soothing and restorative senses. The combination of textures will add an extra dimension to the colour palette. Think soft, neutral pink and natural stone tones! Entwine Drawing its influence from “weaving”, a way of connecting and entwining tradition and modern processes and materials. With references from varying cultures, mainly from landscapes from South America to the middle east, this palette includes warm and earthy tones, botanical greens and a few unexpecteds such as “Complex Blue” and “Banana Rama” yellow. Be inspired by Dulux, by scanning the QR codes!