R&W Lindfield's Quarterly Book RWL Quarterly Booklet 29th Edition - Page 20

The R&W Lindfield team Richard Patterson Melanie Patterson Greg Mooney Jessica Cao David Pannell Rosemary Pannell Principal L.R.E.A Principal L.R.E.A Sales Executive L.R.E.A Sales Executive L.R.E.A Sales Executive L.R.E.A Sales Executive Michael Shu Sales Associate Alex Gerke Millie Patterson Office Manager/ EA to Richard Patterson Property Management L.R.E.A Jacqui Loughman Aneka Stoddard Property Management Administration Artwork, graphic design & photographs by Millie Patterson Disclaimer: The information provided in this report is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. It is provided as a report only. Details have been provided by RP Data- Property System, Australian Property Monitors and information recorded by Richardson & Wrench Lindfield. No reproduction of this information is permitted. This business is independently owned and operated by the Proprietor Douglas Uzzell Real Estate Pty Ltd. ABN 15 002 741 602.