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WINTER 2018 WELCOME TO THE INAUGURAL EDITION OF RURAL ROOTS With a fresh new look and a greater variety of content, this publication is designed to engage and inform a wider rural readership. As you absorb the first few issues please consider providing your feedback — either by contacting the MD office directly, or by accessing our website and filling out an interactive evaluation form at Your input is valued and important to us. Thank you in advance, and enjoy this issue! 2018/2019 ASB BOARD MEMBERS CHAIRPERSON Sandra Melzer, Councillor VICE CHAIRPERSON Damond Stadnyk MEMBERS Robert Esau, Councillor Jessica Mittelstadt Orin Sand RURAL SERVICES STAFF DIRECTOR OF RURAL SERVICES Russ Jassman AGRICULTURAL FIELDMAN Barry Kolenosky ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Peggy Laing IN THIS ISSUE: ABANDONED/BANKRUPT INDUSTRIAL LEASE WORKSHOP LIVESTOCK ANTIBIOTICS PURCHASES ARE CHANGING ALBERTA FARM HEALTH AND SAFETY PRODUCER GRANT PROGRAM VSI PROGRAM ASSISTS MD LIVESTOCK PRODUCERS CLUBROOT OF CANOLA AND WEED CONTROL PROGRAM UPDATES