Rural Leader Magazine September/October 2015 - Page 56

  The Maker Movement holds the promise to specifically inspire girls to pursue STEM studies and even careers. An Intel study, called MakeHers, found that the social-service aspects motivate female makers and that girl makers develop more interest and skills in computer science and engineering.   Parents and teachers of school-age children may already unwittingly participate in the Maker Movement when children use tablets in the classroom, play coding games or build a soapbox car at home. Attending a Maker Faire is a great way to learn more about the world of Making and inspire kids of all ages.   Heralded as the “greatest show-and-tells on earth,” Forty under 40, Wright con'td from page 47 Christopher is also a member, steward, and minister-in-training at the Bronwood Road Church of Christ in Dawson, GA. and a member of the local Chapter of the NAACP.   Last but not least, Christopher is the Honorable Mayor of the City of Dawson serving his second term. Mayor Wright is a community organizer, philanthropist, and humanitarian. He spends making a difference by working with non-profit organizations to improve the community.— the Maker Faire in San Mateo,