Rural Leader Magazine September/October 2015 - Page 48

  Leadership in Life, cont'd from page 40 The Democratic leader is one that promotes participation by the group in developing direction and policy for the group. This type of leader typically has more independant followers and people who will feel more confident of their ideas.The great democratic leader is one who leads and the followers believe not that they are following but that they are leading.   In my humble opinion i believe that the best leader is not the one who has the most followers but the best leader is the one who develops the most leaders. The leader who doesn't say follow me but steps up and says I'll go first! You see leadership is not just making decisions and telling people what to do.     Leadership is an all encompasing philosophy of life where one decides who they are and says "I'll do that" or "I'll be that" or "I'm going this way - who is with me!". Where in your life have you shown leadership? Where in your life do you want to develop leadership? You see people will follow if you choose to lead. Where will you go? From My Treasure Chest to Yours!— About The Author   Dwight is an internet entrepreneur who makes his way in the world helping others find what works for them. - NETPower Prospecting is their current project to bring the art of Internet Marketing to those who need it! Congratulations 2015 Rural Leader Forty under 40 Honorees Shellman Drug Company "Family owned and operated retail pharmacy and gift shop" 75 West Railroad Street Shellman, Georgia 39886 229-679-5070 48 | SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2015