Rural Leader Magazine September/October 2015 - Page 29

21st Century Leadership, cont'd from page 26 and individual ability into collaborative, interdepen dent, and unified action capable of addressing the most complex and intractable issues and challenges. The challenge for all 21st century leaders is to create environments built on mutual trust and continuous learning where participants in these leadership-dynamics are fully engaged, derive meaning, take ownership and responsibility for the results, and come to do their best work each and everyday.   In the 21st Century, organizations must expand their thinking and act outside of the box with a notion of leadership that views participants as fully involved partners that bring talent, energy, creativity and combined action to bear on the issues at hand. In the 21st Century leadership is no longer a noun, but a verb where the actions of a committed group of people teach us that leadership is what people do together. Perhaps, it has always been so. Now, start digging!— About The Author Dr. John Dentico is a leadership development and simulation-learning expert who speaks, writes, consults and trains 21st Century leaders. He is the founder of LeadSimm LLC a one-of-a-kind 21st Century leadership development and simulation learning company. We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon.— Konrad Adenauer | SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2015 29