Rugby Club Issue 73 - Page 73

Aspull “I was brought up at the club. My dad was one of its first members when it settled in the village. I stopped being involved with the club when I went to secondary school until shortly after I left around 2005. The club I came back to was totally different the one I left. I started to go to committee meetings to offer help as I knew it was really struggling. I went to one in August 2007, nipped to the bar for a pint and was being seconded in as Club Secretary when I got back in the room! That’s where I have been ever since. We are a small village team in the very heart of Rugby League country so our challenge is always fighting preconceptions of what playing Rugby Union is like. This presents challenges unique to Yorkshire and Lancashire clubs. In my role the challenge has always been balancing my time between having a life and helping club. It has of course got a lot easier as success breeds success and more members are around to share the load. I don’t think the mood at the club has ever been more positive, normally the X\ۈ[\\[\[H]وY \ۘHHYZH]XYXZ\[Z\\\]H^\ˈ\[[Y\HYš]HZ[Y[HۘHHYZ^YY[ Y \ۘH[[[HXۈ]\^H[ܛ[˂K\X\ۈ\۸&]\[[X\H[H]H]B Y[]X\ۙHوH\[ۜ[ܙB]H[ۜ[Y\ۈ]\^\˂X][^HY\X\ۈHX[\Y]\[HوY؞H\]X[][[ۈBXYYZH]]HX[ۈ[ܙX]YH][ۂو[Y\X[X[Y\H\H\[H›]^\[\]H][YH[XX]H܈BX[H\ZHHH\Y[[[œۜܜ\XY\܈]YH\[[^Y\ۜܜ\[ۙ]HX]^Hܘ[[YK[و\H[ZYY[H[\[][[B\X]\\[]\[\HB[\ݙH\ܛX[\ۈH]\]\B[Hٙ] HX\H[XZ[]]H]\Y]\[]\][[\\HH[[\X[X\\[HXH] \HXHYH\]\H\H8&[X&KYB]YX[[ܙHY[X\[ܙH^Y\[X^XBH ܙX[KH[ۛHXY]H]YHۂH[Y\H\[H \[[܈X[ۂYYHX[XܝZ]Y[]H][][\]B\X[H\[YY[H]HH[BܙX]HHX[[][]H\]\H[[[Y[\HYX\Hܙ\ ٙHY[\\[\ݙ[Y[\X[]Y\[]\[™ܙX]\\H[H\\]][H[YBY\܈YH[ݙ\^H[[\YB^Xܙ]\HKH\۸&]]HYH^HBY]HHXܝ\ 'B\X[[ ۈXܙ]\B˜Y؞XXXY˘B