Rugby Club Issue 73 - Page 72

Aspull FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAG the production of two teams and still a mass of children taking part at younger ages.” Success “Our recent successes without a doubt have been the league winning, as one. Secondly will be the league awarding our club the honour of hosting the LBS finals day, a committee that trusted us to ensure we laid on a welcoming and successful day for all, which we have received numerous thankful messages from all clubs and officials who attended. We have spent some time as a club improving the facility with tidying up and improving areas.” 2017 “For the remainder of this year we plan to have a short break, and then hit the preseason training. We also have many events planned from social events within the club to Bonfire night for the community. Our next area for development is to improve our disabled facilities to ensure the club can always be enjoyed by all. This has been made possible by kind donations from local businesses and local authority funding’s.” 72 Issue 73 Youth “This is a very important part of rugby, simply because they are our future. Without youth sections your club has no future, from players to volunteers and club officials. Youth rugby is a fundamental foundation to any club and even sport. Our senior players take their own time to assist in coaching the youth teams. This is rotated and each senior p l a y e r takes time ensuring experiences are passed on. Once youths are at an age where they can play for senior teams, we place them initially within our second team so that the very senior players can assist in the smooth transitions.” Community “Our club is most definitely a community club; we hold host to other clubs weekly to Rugby Union, Rugby league, Wrestling, Archery, Dog training, fishing club meets, and our local football team are also using the facility for their annual presentation.” Challenges/Ambitions “Our biggest challenges would be to look how best to develop the club, not on where it needs to be, but where it would best fit to be there for all of the community ensuring all year round use. O u r ambitions are to grow and grow, especially our youth divisions, and hopefully turning out a third senior team. We intend to grow membership by word of mouth and attract more variances of all sports into the facility where possible.”