Rugby Club Issue 73 - Page 65

Southwold Last season they put together a strong league campaign as they compiled a record of twelve wins, one draw and seven defeats from their twenty league matches. This saw them finish in the top half of the table with 64 points on the board. This should provide them with the perfect platform from which to build as they look ahead to their 2017/18 campaign. As long as they are able to retain their current group of players and can perhaps make one or two quality additions they should be in with a good chance of having a successful season. One of the highlights of the team’s performances last season was the attacking brand of rugby that they were able to produce. This was reflected by the fact that they racked up 508 points in the league alone at a rate of more than twenty five per game. This will certainly have meant that any supporters attending their matches will have been well entertained and should encourage more of the local community to get behind the side in the future. This in turn has the potential to provide them with a valuable source of additional revenue. Southwold is not a club to focus solely upon their senior section however and this is reflected by the fact that they also run a thriving youth set up. This part of the club looks to provide young players from the local area with an opportunity to play the game in a safe and enjoyable environment whilst helping them to reach their full potential. It is important for 6V rF&R7V66W76gVfW 7W7FVBW&BbFRF&R&RF&GV6RFV"vFVBBF22&VFWV"FfR6fW&VB@v6W'Fǒ&RW6FrF6VRrFV"Vw7FW'06&w&W72fW"FP6֖rV'26WFvB'Vv'6V 2fF7F2WRbFP'FB&RFB6V"6G266VG`FW6FVRFR6RW FW6VB&R&RFf'v&G0F'&vBB7V66W76gVgWGW&Rf V'2F6R֖7&&W72&VB76'2b6WFvB'Vv'6V W"&vR6W&6&BƖW2W7BGv֖W2g&Х6WFvB6BǒGvW'2g&FR6VG&R`FB֖7&&W72vRFRW"&B"FRvg&7WƖV@fRFf&FVB&GV7BFRֆW6RBW"F&VR7&P&Fr6FR&WF6WFvBf"ƗFbFvF&B'&6W&W2bVfWG2vW2`6FwVW2fǖW'2VfWG2B&RvR6Gf6RVFR@&BvFWfW"W"&B&WV&VVG2vR6W6RW"vƖrgVfVBBV&Ɨ6r6W'f6W26vRG'VǒFffW"6WFR&B6WFvR&RFVF6FVBFfW7FrFR7BGf6VB&@WVVBf&RvrW2F&GV6RW"&Bf7B&VƖ&ǒBFFRfW'vW7B7FF&B֖7&&W72&RR`FR&vW7BFWVFVB6W&6&FW'2FRTB'&WFrFWVFVBvW'6F2w2W2F6RW VVG2FW66W2B&WV&VVG2f'7BvR7FffW&rw&V@6W'f6RBV&VF&R&6RW"&vRW7FFrB66VBFƖrFV&RFVF6FVB&fFrFRvW7B76&R7W7FW"6W'f6R66W2f"VFRFFS"s#S6W4֖7&&W726V f6BW2Bwwr֖7&&W726V&VB76'2b6WFvB$d0f"W6WF&BV&Ɨ6rBgVfVBvFWG7FFr7W7FW"6W'f6RR6&VǒFP&fW76FVB֖7&&W72&FW'2F@W"ƗF&BFW'FVB7V6Ɨ6W2&vR'V&Frb&2vW2'&6W&W2fǖW'27FFW'6FwVW2VfWG2B7FW'0W"FvFFW'FVB7V6Ɨ6W26'FW"'V2vFW"GW7G'VFr&BVƗGB6W'f6R27FF&@6f"VFRFFS"s#R6W4֖7&&W726Vwwr֖7&&W726Vwwr'Vv'6V&r6УcP