Rugby Club Issue 73 - Page 58

Ellingham and Ringwood FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAG Ellingham and Ringwood RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB E llingham and Ringwood RFC is a fine example of the important role that a club can play in their local community. Rugby Club Magazine recently caught up with Club Representative Steve Benson to find out more about the good work the club has been doing lately. He told us, “I first joined Ellingham & Ringwood in 1979 when I moved to the New Forest from London and over the years I’ve fulfilled many roles in the club including chairman, secretary and fixture secretary. My current role is Director of Rugby, which involves responsibility for our three men’s teams, our women’s team, our colts and our successful girl’s sides.” “I was originally attracted to Ellingham & Ringwood as it was a proper community club that was involved in most activities in the small market town of Ringwood. Our 1st XV currently compete in Hampshire Division 1 and one of the most satisfying aspects of my role is YH[و\ \^Y\˜Z[Xو\Z[H[[[܂XY[^H]H[Y\X\X[H NNL8&\˂N\YH ¸'\Y\[[H\XܝZ][[]][[]Z[[H\^Hق[Y\]\H\]Z\Y[HXB[\[XH]BYY][B\]Z\[Y[›قHY؞H[[[ۈ[\Y[]ܞHY\]H[]Bœ[Y[X\]Y؞H\\\[YH]\H]YY^Y[\[\ܝ[[X[X\\ܚ[[Z[H]\˂'HX\ܛYY[X[X\ NM\X\ۂH[X]Y\[X[YK\š[YH\Y]Hو][BY][ۘ[Y؞H][[Hܘ[X[YH[ \[H[[XY[HBX\[Y\][x&\B[[ܝ\BZ[X\ۋ'B]BBX]]Y[X\B]]\›ۈH]HH\B]H[[[܂ \X[]H\›[Y[ Bܛ\[\X\[ XXY^BBH\][وXY؞H[X[[K\\›\XZ܈[Z\[][[Hٚ]HH^H[\œ\^HH[H]^H܈BZ[[