Rugby Club Issue 73 - Page 51

Garstang Atmosphere “The mood down at the Club is always buoyant. I like to think that all the different sections within the club get on and mix well. All the different sections of the Club get on harmoniously and support each other where possible. The 1st team are moving league due to restructuring of the leagues and are joining a new the South Lancs/Cheshire league. The 2nd team turn out week on week under the helm of Martin Hindle who does a great job getting the best out of his squad through leading by example. The ladies Team just keep getting better and better and keep making steady progress. They are an inspiration and credit to the Club. The junior section keeps going from strength to strength, so much so that we have our first Colts team which is a credit to Bert Cross and the rest of the coaching team. Our Club veterans team ‘The Viagrians’ only play the occasional match but the numbers of eligible members just keep growing and it now boasts over 40 members. Bob Johnston (past president) and Club legend instigated the veterans team and must take credit for the most outlandish attire the viagrians must wear when on tour. A Cravat, Panama hat and pipe are mandatory at all times (except when playing a game).” Last Season “The season for the club has gone well, the men’s senior first team stayed up and finished mid table. The seconds also had a steady season finishing mid Independent Financial Advisers Reliable financial advice has never been more important than it is currently. Garstang Independent Financial Services Ltd (GIFS) is a long established local business, which believes in personal service. We provide a professional independent financial advice service for individuals, families and companies, advising on a wide spectrum of financial products and services, include savings and investments, pensions, protection (life assurance, critical illness and income protection), estate planning, Inheritance Tax planning, trusts, Long Term Care and business insurance. With clients throughout the UK, collectively, Steven, Marilyn and Colin have over 60 years of experience advising in the financial services sector. Personal recommendations play a key role and clients can be confident that if they pick up the phone, they will speak directly to one of the team. We work in tandem with other professionals such as solicitors and accountants to ensure all aspects of financial planning are covered. We are not attempting to be a very large organisation, and building personal relationships is very important to us. We are very much driven by how people want to use our service хѡɽՉ)Ѽɥ́ݔ܁ӊéхЁѼѡ)AɽՐMͽ́хI՝щ Ո)QԴā聥ͱѐլ)QIͽɍ ɔ ɥMах1́AH̀e)ܹ՝危Չ(