Rugby Club Issue 73 - Page 45

Gravesend Dynamite three play together); we have disabled players such as James, a single leg amputee that has catapulted himself to international honours in wheelchair rugby 7’s representing England but also the club has motivated him further and he’s in line to represent team GB in Tokyo 2020 at wheelchair fencing; we have other disabled players that can now play a sport with their able bodied best mates; we have people who used to play rugby but because of injury had to give up but now they can throw a rugby ball around again. We have a lad, about 12, who used to get bullied apparently in school but the club has given him greater confidence and now he’s making huge progress with his learning and his social skills in school. “There’s a real excitement amongst our players at the moment as our senior team have gone unbeaten for another 12 months winning the national Slam competition last year and the south league for two years running. “Our youth team have been Kent champions since 2014 but our club is not just about winning and competing nationally. We love the fact that we are giving opportunities for developing health to so many people and changing people’s perceptions of disability whilst we’re doing it. “We h ave worked with over 2000 students from local special, primary and secondary schools, giving them the chance to ‘try’ wheelchair sports. Our links with Gravesend RFC and with Kasbah have been really rewarding. Kasbah have been so helpful loaning us their mini bus for free so we can get to games. I decided as soon as the club started to give away our shirt sponsorship for free to a local charity and I immediately picked Kasbah. We’re very proud to wear their name on our shirts. “We’ll start training again soon after a short break and continue to develop the club from all corners; the elite players pushing for national representation, the youth players growing in ability quickly, the players just there for fun and enjoyment we will continue to ensure that they gain so much from our club, the community work we do with disability groups and schools will continue and if there’s anyone out there (and it’s inclusive so I mean absolutely anyone!) that wants to give wheelchair rugby a try then please email me at wheelchair. “I would love it if a top club from the Premiership or Championship took an interest in this form of wheelchair rugby - murderball is brilliant and has a lot of supporters with Harlequins, the RFU and Mike Brown for example but our version is just as ‘smashing, crashing’ and huge fun plus anyone can play and it’s with a real rugby ball replicating the rules of rugby so it would be amazing if we had a few ex pro’s or current clubs just giving the sport a go. It makes a massive impact on local communities.” KASBAH provides support services to people with physical and/or learning disabilities throughout the county of kent . 01474 536501 | | “KASBAH is a Kent wide charity that provides a range of support services to any disabled person, their families and/or Carer in Kent. Please take a moment to look at our website at The Advisor Service offers information on all topics relating to disabilities. DIAL is volunteer led providing advice on disabilities and benefits. KASBAH is also a specialist provider of independence training in North West Kent and Rochester offering support/training in daily living tasks. We are very proud to be in partnership and to sponsor Gravesend Dynamite, the fantastic wheelchair rugby club developed and managed by Jason Owen.” - Emma Carver, Chief Executive Officer 45