Rugby Club Issue 73 - Page 34

Ashby FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAG Ashby RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB A shby RFC has roots dating back to 1876 and has gone on to put together a history of which they have every right to be proud since then. Based on Nottingham Road in Leicestershire, their first team currently competes in the Midlands 3 East (North) League. They are led by the team of President Andrew Jackson and Chairman Paul Collier and the club is looking to progress under their guidance. Last season, their first team put FvWFW"6ƖBVwVR6v2FW6VB&V6&BbVWfVv2@VWfVFVfVG2g&FV"GvVGGvF6W2F26rFVf66fP֖BF&R6FvFfgG6G0FR&&B3B77VRs0F26VB&fFRFR6V"vF6ƖBFf&g&v6F'VB0FWVBFFRWr6vBFWfR&VVv&r&BGW&pFRfb6V6FR7W&RFBFW6W62r2FW&R&RF&WFFV"7W'&VBw&WbW'2@6W&2RR"GvVƗGFFF2FW6VB&RvFv@66RbFrW7BFB6'2B6V"Ff7W26VǐWFV"6V"6V7FvWfW"@F22&VfV7FVBFRf7BFBFW6fRF&frWF6WBW6R