Rugby Club Issue 73 - Page 26

Devon Sharks FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAG Devon Sharks RUGBY LEAGUE FOOTBALL CLUB Devon Sharks RLFC was founded in 2006 after an RFL initiative to spread the game away from its traditional heartlands. They took the bold decision to move away from the South West Men’s League for 2017 as they look to develop further. Rugby Club Magazine was keen to find out more and recently caught up with Club Representatives Lee Kirkman and Peter Jones to find out more. RC: How long have you been involved and what first attracted you to the club? LK: “I was a co-founder, so I have been here since 2006 (Though I had a good, and successful spell at Exeter Centurions too). My motivation has always been to win the trophies that would grow the clubs image, not just across Devon, but across British rugby league. If the name is strong and the foundations strong then the rest will follow. We now need to look at bringing in junior teams, and women’s teams so that we can become truly enshrined in our community. Obviously, it is a slow process, but many clubs grow too fast and eventually they Z[ H۸&][]]\]\HB\Hܛ[]HXHH[H] 'B8'H[Y]HY[[و MB\YH [H[ݙYۈH] H\[YYHH][\X[Y[Y[و\H]H[\[[^BHX[Y[Y[وZYۘYBژ[KH]H\ۘ[H^YYۂ[ٙ[HH\ L[Y[YX[Y[Z\Y؞HXYYKHYHو^BH^Z[\Y\H]BܚY][Y^X[YYX[YYXK\[[[X]^B[[[˸'BΈ]\HH[[[[[]\[˜\Xو[\O”8'[[[H^H؋[Z[H[][[HXH]\[Y¸&\\8&H[H[Z]YHH\H]BۙH][YܙK]\H[H\