Rubberneck Issue 10 (July 2014) - Page 9

Are you not hungover today? Not hungover! Pretty stoned, but not hungover. I don’t know if stoned is going to affect the interview. Probably enhances, rather than detracts. Sure. So let’s talk about the state of LiveFastDie. I’d say it’s semi-existent. I got some text message earlier in the week from some people trying to -- someone said there was a rumor going around on Terminal Boredom, the message board, that I was doing a new record. A couple people trying to substantiate that this week. Don’t think it’s really happening, but like I said when we spoke before, you never know. So I don’t know! It got my mind working. Maybe there will be another record, who knows. But for now it’s just playing some shows and probably turning down a lot of shows. Just taking it as it comes. Let’s talk about GG Allin for a second, because we talked about this last time, but that got lost. Part of the reason you got into GG Allin as a kid is because you’re from the town where he’s buried, right? Yeah. Well, he wasn’t buried there at the time that I got into him. But he grew up in the same area as me. Was born in that same area. But yeah, a lot of the older kids would always be into it, because even though he hadn’t really made it, at the point, to being a celebrity, he had records that were out. There were zines that would talk about him. So he was out there in the world, and people knew who he was outside of our little area, so he was the punk legend of northern New Hampshire. Any kid who was into punk listened to GG more than the Ramones. Do you consider yourself a punk now? At this point? Not in the same sense that I might have at one point. I don’t consider myself normal, I don’t feel normal. But I don’t know if anybody does. At the moment, I’ve got long hair and a beard, so I probably don’t look too punk rock. But I don’t know! I definitely find myself leaning that way. I’m not 22 anymore, but I still get drunk pretty regularly, go out and raise hell when I can, so I guess I still have little bits that I cling to. But I don’t think when people first see me -- if they had no idea that I was in a band, or didn’t really know me, I don’t think they’d guess that LiveFastDie is the type of music I play. Do your coworkers know that you’re in a band? Yeah, people have pretty much always known that I’m in a band. My current gig that I’m doing, I actually got busted the first day that I started the job. Somebody in the office was like “Wait a minute, you’re in LiveFastDie, aren’t you?” You got recognized?! Yeah, I was with my two bosses outside the big boss’s office, having just met my boss, and this person comes up. I was like “Yeah, but we don’t really play very much anymore.” And she was like “Yeah, but you’re playing on Saturday. I have tickets already.” I was like “Oh, yeah. Yep!” So a bunch of my brand-new coworkers came out to the show. Which was pretty cool, but I work in a pretty open-minded environment. Definitely did not always advertise it. When I was freelance, I did not tell peop