Rubberneck Issue 10 (July 2014) - Page 33

Thee Lolitas - Velvet Underwear 2x7” (Fandango/Arnold) I mean, if I’m being perfectly honest, this is significantly better than I would expect of a band called Thee Lolitas whose press sheet employs the words both “sleaziest” and “filthiest.” Title track is a sped-up VU rip that I liked a bit more when I accidentally played it at 33, but it’s not bad at all. B side is an OK “Cocksucker Blues” cover that I’m sure will suit you fine if you’re for some reason wishing more bands would cover that song. The second disc appears to be a completely different record (big hole 33 instead of small hole 45, different labels) that has been shoved into the same sleeve as the first one. I certainly don’t find it necessary to have a second disc of Thee Lolitas, but I didn’t throw it in the trash either, so there’s that. Lumpy and the Dumpers - “Bat” 7” (Total Punk) First vinyl pressing of a cassingle from 2012 with an original (“Bat”) on the A Side and a cover (“X Rod” by Max Load, which I’d never heard before) on the flip. Which sounds totally egregious, but is in fact completely necessary. This shit sold out in about 12 seconds or something, which seems about right. Lumpy and the Dumpers are easily one of the best punk bands in existence right now. Is it sacrilegious to say I think the original here is a much better song than the ‘70s punk cover? Well, I do. Suck it. Mac Blackout Band - MBB (Pelican Pow Wow) Debut Mac Blackout Band LP continues in a similar vein to the 7”, landing somewhere between the Mac Blackout solo LPs that came out a few years ago and his work with the Daily Void, Functional Blackouts, etc. The result is some catchy, synthy, punk songs with driving guitar lines that I’m sure are already landing references to Jay Reatard. It’s a fair point of comparison, though MBB are a little more moderately paced and a little more out there. I suspect that for many, th