Rubberneck Issue 10 (July 2014) - Page 32

MIRANDA FISHER Achtungs - Full of Hate 7” (Total Punk) I think that if this were something on a label I’d never heard of, I’d be pretty pleasantly surprised. But to me, this record isn’t really up to the usual Total Punk standards. Don’t get me wrong, the songs are catchy as hell and I fully approve of the subject matter. The overall effect, however, is a little pop punk. It’s not awful, but it’s far from my favorite Total Punk release. Gentlemen - 7” (Jeth-Row) This is pretty killer. Very negative, very dirty. Musically I think this band has been compared to the A Frames, which is fair, I suppose, but this is much, much nastier. Vocals are oddly reminiscent of that early Reatards style of singing as much through the nose as possible. Overall, should definitely appeal to fans of, say, Lumpy and the Dumpers -- which is pretty much everybody, right? The Ar-Kaics - 7” (Hidden Volume) This is the first record I’ve heard from this band, though I’ve heard the name. I thought the name sounded like some boring-ass trad garage shit, but they keep getting good reviews or whatever, so I figured my initial impression was wrong. Nope! That is exactly what it is. Look, man, at this point in my life I really have no interest in modern bands doing their best Back From the Grave impressions, because guess what? It’s never going to be as good as actual ‘60s garage bands. And if for some reason I were inclined to care about that sort of thing, I live in Austin, so trust me, I’d be sick of it anyway. This record feels like every night I’ve gone to Hotel Vegas just because I feel antsy and I want to see who’s there, only to end up watching some shitty, boring garage rock band and wishing I was at home watching The Good Wife or something. “I’d rather watch The Good Wife than listen to this record.” You can put that on your one sheet, Ar-Kaics. Ghetto Ghouls - Plastic Violence 7” (12XU) 12XU gives us a fantastic Ghetto Ghouls single to accompany the fantastic Ghetto Ghouls LP on Monofonus that not enough people are talking about. “Plastic Violence” is fast, almost thrashy, and would fit in perfectly on the LP. But I think the B side, “Things,” is even better. It’s slower and more menacing, and the guitar cuts through a little better. Ghetto Ghouls sound desperate and great here, and I hope more people outside of Austin pick this one up. Cretin Stompers - Looking Forward to Being Attacked (HoZac) When I heard that the latest post-Barbaras project was called the Cretin Stompers, this is...not what I imagined. I figured it’d be some kind of shouty, primitive caveman-typ H[