Rubberneck Issue 10 (July 2014) - Page 2

u b b e r n ec k R I S s s u #10 e TDIE 1 - 27 PHOTO LIVEFAS MIRANDA FISHER GET Q SARIM A D L-RAWI 3AM RE CORD JOHN WE SLEY CO NEIL HA MIRANDA THINGS LIZ BURR I LOVE S ILL PRO BABLY FREY 14 20 KILL ME FISHER 29 30 14 0 R2 ME S THAT W BILL JEF 10 REVIEW FISHER REVIEW SUM LEMAN GERTY ITO AND MIRANDA 6 UAPPE HIS IN T RED M EATU AMP.CO F DC NDS K BA INE.BAN C RNE KZ BBE ERNEC RU BB TO RU STEN E ISSU AT: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. NO PHOTO MAY BE REPRODUCED IN ANY FORM WITHOUT PRIOR CONSENT. FOR REPRINT INFORMATION & ALL OTHER INQUIRIES PLEASE EMAIL: RUBBERNECKZINE@GMAIL.COM LI Photo Editor: Jon Chamberlain Writing Editor: Miranda Fisher Art Director: Samantha Wendel Contributors: Steven Ruud, Tim Song, Ali Copeland, Jay Conlon, Melissa Cha, Sarim Al-Rawi, John Wesley Coleman, Liz Burrito, Bill Jeffery, Jackie Roman, Nathaniel Smith, Mark Murrmann & Josh Miller Cover Photo: Jon Chamberlain / Cover Design: Samantha Wendel Back Cover Photo: Josh Miller ISSUE / 300