RSSM Digital TempNet Edition December 2019 - Page 4

WHY TEMPNET? You will see more in this magazine about this association for independent staffing firms and their vendor partners. Why should you consider another association membership? For this group, it is the personal connection between non-competing professionals that are invested in each others’ success. TempNet is a private, invitation-only membership group that allows you to share information in a market-protect- ed environment where you know your competitor is not profiting from your ideas. TempNet facilitates private discussion groups for both owners and key managers. Members also connect with others who share the same software systems. You can be comfortable asking for feedback on any topic, knowing that you will get an honest answer from people who understand you and are experiencing the same challenges as independent business owners. It is one of many ongoing resources that our members use weekly. TempNet fits our members at many stages in their business development From a growing member… “In the midst of an economic recession I was looking for solutions to help my company expand. Let’s face it, I was looking for an edge that would help us stay in business. What I uncovered in TempNet was not only a solution to get through the down turn, but a resource of Independent Employment Agency owners that were willing to share their best practices, financial solutions and training systems. I quickly gathered a group of fine, diverse owners that I commonly refer to as my unofficial board of directors. I can pick up the phone with a problem and call a member in New York, Denver or California and receive actionable advice. We have both an owners email and a managers discussion group where I or my staff can ask, answer or follow question threads regarding real time problems that affect the staffing industry as a whole or regional problems that influence my particular state.” From a retiring member… “I started in this business as a franchise owner. After several years I bought out of the franchise. I thought I knew a lot but worried about staying in touch with current trends and laws. I didn’t care for the national group because you al- ways had competitors looking over your shoulder and people really couldn’t be open about what was working for them. Once I got the opportunity to join TempNet and went to my first meeting, I was amazed everyone was open and help- ful with no concern about competitors overhearing the conversation. I can honestly say in my first TempNet meeting I learned more than I did in all my years as a franchisee. Now I’m semi-retired (in the process of becoming fully retired) and I’m glad my daughter who is now President and running our company has a group like TempNet to be a part of. With TempNet she has people she can count on and trust for help and information. With every meeting we learn something that can be helpful to our business and if we have a question, all we have to do is pick up the phone and call one or more of our TempNet friends.” There are so many more reasons that TempNet could work for your company, regardless of your stage in business or life. I invite you to call me for more information or check out our website for details www.tempnetstaffingasso- Mary Mycka Executive Director, TempNet 515-282-8192 4 WWW.RSSM.BIZ | WWW.RSSM.BIZ