RSSM Digital TempNet Edition December 2019 - Page 10

MANAGEMENT PICKING THE PERFECT NEW YEAR, NEW YOU RESOLUTIONS BY: STAFF WRITERS Most people don’t put too much thought or effort into coming up with or maintaining New Year’s resolutions. Many people choose the standard “lose weight, eat better, travel more” resolution. However, simply picking something because it’s a common option, doesn’t mean that it is the best option for you. To pick the resolution that’s truly best for you and your life, you need to start by thinking about your life. Is there something missing? Something you want to change? How would you like to improve? Once you have figured out the parts of your 10 WWW.RSSM.BIZ | life you want to change, only then can you make a resolution that will be effective. If you have a clear outcome in mind that you hope to achieve by making a resolution, then you will be more likely to stick to the resolutions you make. Therefore, in order to make a resolution that will work for you, you have to stop trying so hard to force yourself to make one. If there’s nothing important enough to make a resolu- tion about, then don’t do it just for the sake of having a resolution; but if there is something important enough, think it through, make a resolution and then follow through. WWW.RSSM.BIZ