RSSM Digital Fist Interview Edition December 2019 - Page 5

COMMENTS FROM FIRST INTERVIEW Looking for work? Your next job interview might just come by text message Edward C. Baig, USA TODAY When the text message popped up on his iPhone, Malcolm Barnes was skeptical. Could this really be from a recruiter? Sure, he had applied online for a job. But in the era of data breaches, spam, and scams, he wasn’t sure whether to trust it. “I’ve always had face-to-face interactions when hiring people (myself) or when I was looking for a job,” the 28-year-old says. As it turned out, the text was legit. He never met the recruiter who sent the messages. A month or so after the initial text, Barnes was hired as a senior patient care technician at Community Heart and Vascular Hospital in Indianapolis. Texting has become a fairly routine staple of com- munication today. Many of us don’t give a second thought to having relationships in our personal lives almost entirely by text, it seems. But as the portal to that dream job, texting is still pretty for- eign to most of us. Texting for a job instead of a more traditional screener phone call is becoming more common. Depending on the role the company is trying to fill, texting may take you and the recruiter fairly deep into the courting process. 5 WWW.RSSM.BIZ For Barnes, after a little research to confirm the recruiter’s identity, that text exchange began his hiring journey – covering his qualifications, avail- ability and even his salary requirements. It was well into the process that he finally got to connect with his prospective bosses in person. That said, we may not yet be to the point of total comfort going from the first contact to the first day on the job via text. In some ways, texting for hire parallels online dating, says Aman Brar, CEO of Jobvite, whose text-based interviewing platform Canvas is used by, among other places, the hospital that hired Barnes. “In most cases, you are going to have a few live dates before you get hitched and spend the rest of your life together,” Brar says. The path to most upper management positions, as well as doctors, lawyers, and other professionals will typically still play out the old fashion way and barely rely on text-based recruitment if at all. But Brar says his company’s text platform is used by airlines hiring pilots, hospitals hiring nurses, and employees in manufacturing Jared Bazzell, talent acquisition manager at CDW, a tech-solutions provider for businesses, says the mo- bile phone has changed recruiting. “We use texting on the principle that we want to communicate with our hires how they want to be communicated with,” he says. WWW.RSSM.BIZ