RSSM Digital Fist Interview Edition December 2019 - Page 4

BEST Practices with Greg Getty The topic of, “best practices” as it relates to a First Interview covers a lot of ground. Figuring out how to make the most money on the First Interview is something that we have had countless team conversations about here at R.L. Wolff & Associates. As a board member on the network, the topic comes up in almost every conversation that I have with our partners. I don’t propose that the way we run our desks, in a tactical sense, is THE best way to do business on the network. However, there are a few higher-level concepts that have served us well along the way. Here they are: • We are all different. Don’t fight it, just accept it. Comparisons can be made on every aspect of how we do our jobs. How we take and rate J.O.’s, how well we interview candidates and how we provide this data to our partners, are just a few examples. • Communication is key – If I don’t tell you or you don’t tell me what our expectations are, then we are probably going to have a bumpy ride together. I’ve found that open dialogue creates smooth sailing. • Share as much company and candidate information as I possibly can. Information is king. I’m always grateful when a partner provides a lot of information about a job or feedback on why resumes were or weren’t a fit. I’ll work hard for that partner. • New FI Affiliates – Leverage a mentor. When we first joined the network, veteran partners like Mike Hanna, Jim Vacheenas, Stu Laub and the Fletchers showed us the way. If you are new to the network and don’t have a mentor, reach out to Bob Werrbach. Attend the FI Conference – We look forward to this every year. The trust built over dinner or a beer is worth the price of admission. One last thought on Communication. I took the time to fill out the, “How I Communicate” section of My Recruit- er Page on the first interview network. It automatically posts to every Job Posting that I submit. Whether anyone ever reads that information or not, I found it to be a good exercise to think through and then write down what I expect from my partners and what they can expect from me. Have a look. To all of the partners that we have done deals with, as well as those that we haven’t yet, I hope to see you in Den- ver! Greg Getty R L Wolff & Associates 713-523-2655 x 131 4 WWW.RSSM.BIZ WWW.RSSM.BIZ