RSSM Digial USSA Edition Dec 2019 - Page 4

MANAGEMENT HOW TO BUILD COMPANY CULTURE By: Staff Writers Having a strong company culture can be great for your company, as it helps recruit and retain more employees, as well as increasing those employees’ job satisfaction, productivity, team morale, and so on. Emphasize Employee Wellness Provide all employees with the resources they need to maintain or improve their mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Wheth- er this means having in-office counseling services or providing great healthcare for maintaining out of office wellness, employee well-being should be the main priority when building your company culture. If employees are at their best, then the team as a whole will be at its best too. company culture. If employees feel as if they’re being challenged in their position, then they will stay motivated and continue to do their very best. Encourage and Celebrate Success Employees will be motivated through the op- portunity of continued success, but only if they are recognized for their success now and again. While success is a great motivator in it- self, if people feel as if their success is going unnoticed, then they will eventually become Challenge Them If employees get into a mundane routine, they discouraged. Encouraging employees to con- will become comfortable and bored with their tinue to succeed, and celebrating them when job. Not only can this hurt employees’ produc- they do, is a great way to ensure continued happiness and motivation in your employees. tivity levels, but it can harm the overall 4 WWW.RSSM.BIZ | WWW.RSSM.BIZ