RSSM Digial USSA Edition Dec 2019 - Page 10

MANAGEMENT How Low Unemployment Has Changed Recruiting and Staffing BY: STAFF WRITERS While a low unemployment rate is great for the economy, it makes the tasks of finding and hiring employees more difficult. Low unemployment is challenging for all employers, but it is especially difficult for staffing firms whose purpose is to recruit new employees. Recruiting agencies can find employees jobs much quicker than they had been able to in the past, which is great for anyone seeking work. However, that also means that recruiting services need more candidates, much more frequently than ever before, forcing them to rethink their approach. Agencies used to target older people who had been laid off, or otherwise those struggling to find work. However, as fewer people struggle to find a job, agencies have had to begin targeting people who are entirely new to the job market. They now frequently aim for people fresh out of college, or entirely new to the country itself. Recruiting agencies also used to have an overabun- dance of clients with not enough jobs, which al- lowed them to offer companies multiple candidates at once. Now, due to an overabundance of jobs, employees are offered multiple jobs and they can be much more selective. This change has allowed for a shift in the way people are employed, clients aren’t simply taking whatever job comes their way, they’re able to be much more selective and choose a job they actually want. 10 WWW.RSSM.BIZ | WWW.RSSM.BIZ