Route 7 Review - Page 92

“Show and Tell” Where-ever we look Mountain lying down in every direction Vast green forest on the plateau mountaintops blending in clouds! Grand needs no other names Where-ever we look wilderness of rocks Ten miles wide, a mile deep gorges where rivers are lost rapids cascading down twisting side to side Where-ever we look Billion-year-old rocks thousands of strange sculptures cliffs, towers, pinnacles painted brown, red, orange, and white Best vantage points inspire us to silence! A serene feeling The remnant of the canyon Ferry on calm water Sun-faded concrete dam bordering deep azure water where-ever we look A pale bathtub ring Nonnezoshe Rainbow turned to stone large natural bridge A serene feeling Where-ever we look! Travis Kayhart is a full-time student at Dixie State University and a part-time production worker with a passion for reading and writing various stories including poetry. Currently, my favorite writers are Stephen King, Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler, among others. Robert Frost’s poem, “A Snowy Evening in the Woods” is among favorites of mine. This is my first attempt publishing.