Route 7 Review - Page 79

Sonnet 3.14159 By Drew Pisarra “Love never ends.” Or so you contend. “Well neither does pi” is my curt reply. “Affections divide till the end of time.” Basically, you can either come to terms with that cold truth or chase the big lie. It’s silly to frame love as unending pleasure or assign it a stature mathematic in scope. It’s easier to square a circle, than to measure one heart’s full capacity so while you may hope to convince me there’s magic in threes, three being you me and he , that triangulate “we” sounds like a mess of self-serving logic that will never prove true. Polyamory has always struck me as less than the sum of its parts. This is the lesson learned by one who tried to be “open” then got burned. Drew Pisarra recently finished a series of poems inspired by R.W. Fassbinder, poems from which have appeared in such publications as “St. Petersburgh Review,” “Dirty Chai,” “Crab Fat,” and “Poydras Review.” A collection of Drew Pisarra’s short stories, “Publick Spanking” was issued by Future Tense Press as well.