Route 7 Review - Page 68

McNair’s Tire Shop BY Travis Truax Duncan, OK Someone should write a poem about the McNair’s Tire and Brake shop south of town where crotchety old men with grease-slick grins talk about Super Bowls or softball or the last good woman they had. Cracked hands, worn by years of labor crank tough jacks up at dawn, flick cigarettes all morning, and wave at strangers. You can sometimes forgive a place for its filth and leer and dirty jokes— but you don’t always celebrate it. Maybe James Dickey could. Maybe Mr. Stafford. Maybe some places hide, waiting for a quick window or passing truck. Or an afternoon so wide poets from all across Oklahoma come looking for its source. Travis earned his bachelor’s degree in English from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in 2010. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Flyover Country, Quarterly West, The Marathon Literary Review, The Flagler Review, and The Eastern Iowa Review. After college he spent several years working in various national parks out west. He lives in Bozeman, Montana.