Route 7 Review - Page 58

The Coronation. By Gerry Aldridge Weightless stars drop silently like petals From a distant place way up far beyond the night sky. Winter flowers blossom and fly away Landing like moths on the night, turning to petals, then rain. To shower you in love over and over again on this majestic day. Distant orchestras come together in a cyclonic, deafening crescendo Commanded by maestros flailing wands from the peaks of the highest mountains. Roll great drums! Make music for my Queen violins and cellos! Ring through valleys and across deserts Sweep up all the world’s musicians along the way! Fireworks ignite the darkness with day. Rainbows burst, more stars, come petals Saturate you in light. And shower you with my love on this, The day of your Coronation. Great Gods have come to celebrate Smiling down they send their angels To drench your glowing torso in rose petals And kiss you gently as they settle, While my tied hands yearn to give you a fond caress. Every creature in the universe has attended the grandest ceremony in time. Each gleefully holding a single rose petal To weave into your hair. My bound arms reach across continents carried like breath on the wind To deliver you my heart. Close your fist and make a wish What would your soul like to find inside? True loves lay sleeping snuggled together on the bed of the universe. Calm is the Queen With her single red rose. …………………………………………………… Sun rises and all the petals have transformed into snow. Still soft, still comforting.