Route 7 Review - Page 5

Final Salute 39 Full Circle (After Tu Fu) 40 My Last Birthday with Dad 41 The Museum of Cartography 43 Jentsch, Nancy Untamed Sweetness 47 Jules, Jaqueline No Option to Own 48 Kayhart, Travis Show and Tell 92 And Another Thing 56 Play it Again 57 Jerry Bats 89 A Wardrobe of Stolen Dreams 83 Spring Arrives 84 Timing 85 Ladew, Kate Your’re Wainting for Me 96 Lee, Kateema Poem Where I am Worm 90 Dust to Dust 86 Beach 70 Disassociation 18 Mitchell, Mark J. IN A KAFKA TENSE 88 Munns, Garland What Did I Do Today? 91 No-Fly Zone 74 The Coronation 58 Joy 60 I-10 Mirage 37 The Machine 72 Untitled 50 Picone, Maria To the Idea of War 93 Pisarra, Drew Sonnet 3.14159 79 Lighting A Frail Flame 87 Rooney, M.S. Flight 65 Sager, Heather Vacant 71 Eisenhart, Gail Freek, George Harrison, Ashley Holmes, Tom Kluckman, Zachary Pobo, Ken Konkoski, Beth Little, AnnaMarie McNerney, Joan Middleton, Stephen C. Narron, Larry Aldridge, Gerry Palmer, Carl Payne, Eve Perchik, Simon Reilly, Stephen