Route 7 Review - Page 29

It’s not like you know me BY Alexis Coulter because I am a fault-ridden soul, guided by a lust for more and more. The past chimes and echoes in my ear, the glass breaks, lost memories haunt a now restless mind. And I am a guilt-driven body, moved by a power to control even more. Walls replace the fragile and old, for hatred will remain a long-term chore. And here I stay body and soul, wandering through the glass ruins, boarded with a vengeful need. For this I await trial, where my secret pain will sink or lift, until nothing more. Alexis Coulter grew up in Reno, NV and studied English and Sociology at Dixie State University. She moved back to Reno to pursue fulfillment and happiness in her life. On her journey to discover the meaning of life, she enjoys running, watching movies, writing, and talking to the different people that enter her life.