Route 7 Review - Page 158

an abrupt stop when he heard her speak. “Are you going somewhere?” she inquired in a deep voice. She came to an abrupt stop then tapped the cane on the floor three times while echoes of her menacing laughter filled the room. Tyler could not believe his eyes, as the hunch in her back had vanished; her hair had turned from gray to charcoal black, and magically grew just passed her shoulders. He dropped the object in his hand, and swallowed the excess saliva while urine trickled down his pant leg and onto his designer shoes. His eyes bulged out, as her cane turn into a scepter, and she instantly grew a foot in height. Her nails sprouted and became pointed at the end, and when she slowly spun around to face Tyler; she was no longer a woman. “Mr. Sands.” the mysterious entity said with a deep voice. Tyler stared into the red pupils of the enigma that stood just a few feet away. “What in the world are you?” “You are an intelligent man, Mr. Sands; I’m sure you can figure it out.” “What happened to Ms. Cipher?” The man began to chuckle. “You are so wrapped up into yourself that you did not pay any attention to the name that was on the deed of this apartment.” The entity began to pace the room. “I could go on with tedious clues about my identity, but I am pressed for time.” He chuckled once again. “The name on the deed was Luann Cipher. Is it becoming clear to you now?” Tyler’s legs became weak, and he fell back onto the couch. His breathing became labored and his heart began to race. “You, you are.” The mystery man approached Tyler. He ran his claws along the couch, slicing it while a scent of brimstone permeated the room. “Say it.” “Luann Cipher” Tyler took a deep breath then exhaled. “Lu Cipher” he closed his eyes and his shoulders sank while a tear ran down his cheek. “Lucifer” The mystery man slowly nodded his head. “Years ago, you were tired of being broke and sold your soul to me.” He smiled exposing razor sharp teeth. “The sand in your hour glass has run out, and I have come to collect.” At that moment, a loud scream radiated throughout the room and then all was silent. A few minutes later, Sy arrived with the contracts as ordered and knocked on the door. Much to his surprise, Tyler opened the door with a smile on his face. “Where’s Ms. Cipher?” Sy inquired. “She’s in her bedroom.” Tyler replied. “Did you bring the contracts?” Sy entered the apartment then handed Tyler the papers. “Did she agree to sell you the apartment?” “Yes she did.” Tyler replied with his back turned to Sy, as he walked toward the kitchen. Sy looked at Tyler in awe. “You’re the man, boss; I would give anything to be like you.” After hearing that, Tyler immediately stopped, and an evil grin appeared on his face. “Anything?” He asked, as his pupils turned red. Keshaune Hatchett was born in Canton, Ohio in 1975. He graduated from Canton McKinley high school in 1993. He served his country the United States Navy and was honorably in discharged in 1997. He attained his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Beckfield College in June of 2014. He had short stories titled, Angel Among Us published in the June 2013 is of Cigale Magazine, Sometimes We Forget sue published in the May 2014 issue of Foliate Oak Magazine, and Long Dirt Road published in December 2015 issue of Foliate Oak Magazine.