Route 7 Review - Page 156

Apartment Thirty Six By Keshaune Hatchett Tyler Sands, a ruthless, middle aged real estate mogul, stood in the penthouse of his eight story corporate office in the early hours of the morning, staring out the window while drinking his Colombian coffee. He enjoyed looking down at the people walking around living their meaningless lives while he wore his tailored made thousand dollar suit. As he was about to take another drink of his coffee, a knock at his door interrupted, but he continued to enjoy his beverage; whoever it was had to wait. After he finished, Tyler took a seat behind his desk then picked up the phone. “Janice, who was at my door?” “Your assistant Sy. He’s in the waiting area.” The Secretary answered. Tyler leaned back in his black leather chair then rolled his eyes, as if he were annoyed. He reached into his inner breast pocket, retrieved a cigar, and after lighting it, replied. “Show him in” The door slowly opened, and Sy entered the room. He was the complete opposite of his boss. Where Tyler had supreme confidence, Sy was very insecure, and where Tyler was immaculately dressed; Sy wore cheap suits that were a size too big. He placed a pile of papers on Tyler’s desk then looked down at the floor, as if he were a puppy that was being admonished by his master. “By the look on your face, I assume your task was unsuccessful.” Tyler gathered the papers and placed them on the right corner of his desk. “I tried my hardest, but she wouldn’t budge.” Sy sat down in the chair across from Tyler. “I checked with the lawyers, and her contract is ironclad.” Tyler puffed his cigar while glaring at Sy. “I own that building except for the penthouse suite where she’s staying.” He pounded his fist on his desk. “Tell those lawyers to find a loophole.” “That’s the problem, boss; there’s no loophole.” Sy took a deep breath, fearing his boss’ response. “Before her late husband’s death, he sold that building with the stipulation that his wife would live in that apartment for the rest of her life.” He paused. “There’s no way around it; she owns it, but the ones below are yours.” “Do you know how much I could get for that place?” Tyler rose to his feet and walked toward the window. “It’s a goldmine. I could get top dollar.” “You own a lot of property, boss; this one seems to be a lost cause.” Tyler spun around and glared at his assistant, causing Sy to look down at the floor, avoiding eye contact. “Don’t remind me how much property I own.” He clenched his fist. “I want this one.” He took a deep breath and adjusted his tie then calmly walked over and sat down. “I guess she’s leaving me no choice.” He grabbed the papers from the corner of his desk. “I will have to go over there myself and get her to sign these contracts.” After organizing the papers, Tyler looked at Sy and noticed a peculiar expression on his face. “Is there something on your mind?” “No.” “I can see there’s something clearly bothering you, so speak your mind.” “I’m just having an uneasy feeling about you going after a defenseless old lady.” Sy said with an apprehensive tone. “I’ve met with her multiple times, and she’s the sweetest lady in the world.” He paused for a moment. “She doesn’t have anyone, just that apartment that her and her husband shared decades ago.” Tyler stared at Sy for a few seconds and then out of nowhere; his expression changed from serious to elation. “I can use that information