Route 7 Review - Page 155

ony. I dragged myself over to him, surveying the other men as I went. They were all dead. I held soul with her love. Rosa broke the kiss and rested her forehead the last living man of my team in my arms, trying against his. “I love you.” to stop the bleeding, telling him it was going to “I love you.” be alright. Although I knew he was going to die. He’d joined the army a few months earlier. He “Let’s get married.” He smiled. “Okay.” was just a kid. He died screaming. He was my re- There was a knock on the door, then Marga- sponsibility, they all were. And I got them killed. rie entered. She surveyed them on the bed, then I was honorably discharged. And I just dropped she smiled. “Déjà vu.” she commented cheerful- off the face of the earth. I wish I’d died that day.” ly. “Adette called. I’m going to pick up her and “Don’t say that Sean. Don’t ever say that. Gabby. Harold took the kids to the park. They You were brave, those men were brave.” won’t be back for a while. House is all yours for “They wanted to wait. I went in, and they fol- now. Keep it PG.” Margarie said, wagging a fin- lowed.” ger at them. “And you saved the lives of those miners. If Sean rolled his eyes. “Yes mum.” you hadn’t gone in there, they’d probably have “Who are Adette and Gabby?” she asked when died. You were a hero. And you made your men Margarie closed the door. heroes. Stop torturing yourself Sean. And stop “My friend and her daughter. I look out for pushing me away. Because I’m not going any- them. We’re just friends.” he reinforced. where.” “I’m not worried. You’re mine.” He turned to her. “I’m sorry I lied to you. It He smiled. “I most definitely am.” was unfair.” She grinned. “You wanna fool around? I’ll let “And cruel.” she added. “But your heart was in you get to third base.” the right place.” He shook his head. “That was my mind. My He smirked. “My mum said PG.” he said, feigning innocence. heart has and will always be the woman in front She slid her fingers down his chest and smiled of me.” seductively. “You always do what your mother She laughed. “You and your corny lines. I missed them.” Then she kissed him. Sean dragged her on top of him, dropped his arms to his side and let Rosalie resuscitate his broken tells you to do?” He laughed. “For you, I’ll make an exception.” Then he kissed her.