Route 7 Review - Page 153

at the naked silhouette of the man she’d loved for ting on the bed. Sean stared at her, waiting for more than half of her life, the same man she’d the scorn and disgust to appear on her face, but thought had died. Her heart never believed that all he saw on her face was pain, anger and tears. he was dead, but her mind had analyzed the facts “You promised you’d come back to me.” and had come up with the realistic conclusion. she said quietly. Then she laughed humorlessly. Sean was dead. But he wasn’t. He was on the “And you came back. Just not to me.” other side of that frosted glass door. Her heart “I was trying to make it easy for you to move was so overwhelmingly ecstatic and relieved that on with your life.” he was alive, but her mind felt like it had been “Without you?” betrayed. He let her grieve for him. He threw their love away, he threw her away because he thought he wasn’t worthy, because he thought “Yes! It’s better this way.” “For who?” “Do you see my face?” she wouldn’t love him. What did that say about “I’m not blind! I can see your face. It’s the same what he thought about her? Did he think that she face I fell in love with.” was shallow like her parents? Tears slid down “I look hideous.” her face. If he thought that, he didn’t know her at “I love you Sean. I never stopped. And you all, and she didn’t know him. She looked down at keeping yourself from me because you thought the ring on her finger, and this ring meant noth- I wouldn’t love anymore you was selfish. You ing. She took the ring from her finger, and put it robbed me of seven years of happiness.” she on the sink by the door. Then she shut the door, cried, her voice cracking. “You lied to me Sean! went to the bed, sat down and waited. She was You hurt me! And I’m just so disappointed in not going to hide like him. She was no coward. you.” Then she stood up and walked out of the *** room. Sean pushed open the glass door when he heard Sean stood there and stared after her. He the bathroom door close. He stepped out of the should go after her, but he couldn’t. It was better shower, and his eyes immediately spotted the this way. She was the one walking away, maybe ring on the sink. Rosalie’s ring? Did Margarie now she’d be able to move on with her life. Even get hold of it somehow and put it there to make