Route 7 Review - Page 152

-” “How about what I want? His letters stopped, “I’ll go and pick them up. You relax. Even vigi- and I knew something was wrong. I kept asking lantes need a day off.” you if you heard anything from anyone. From *** him!” Margarie swung open the door on the first knock “I know. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I just and was not at all surprised to see Rosalie stand- didn’t want to lose him. He was in so much pain. ing on the front porch. “He’s upstairs. Taking a So haunted by what happened over there. There bath.” were times when I thought he would collapse She stumbled back as if she’d been slapped across the face. “You knew he was alive?” Margarie nodded. “He wasn’t ready to see into his own world, just him and his nightmares. I did everything I could to make him feel safe here. It took me two years to persuade him to you. He still isn’t. He’s fragile.” stay here long enough to eat and take a shower. “What happened to him?” It took three years of coaxing before he told me “He’ll have to tell you that himself.” “I can’t believe you two kept me in the dark? Was he here all the times I came over?” She shook her head. “He only comes here to eat and take a shower.” “Where does he live?” “He lived in that abandoned skyscraper you saw on the news.” “Why doesn’t he stay here?” “He doesn’t like being around a lot of people.” “I’m not people. I’m his fiancée! We were going to get married when he came back.” “That’s why he didn’t want you to know. He said he wanted you to find someone else.” “I didn’t. Did you tell him that?” “I did. But he refused to go to you. He doesn’t want you to love him.” what happened to him.” Tears streamed down Rosalie’s face. “He could have come to me. I could have helped him.” “He thought he was doing something honorable.” “It was stupid!” she said hoarsely. “I know. But you know how Sean is when he gets an idea in his head. He puts others before himself, and it isn’t always the wisest choice. As you now know.” “Which bathroom?” “The one in my bedroom.” “Thank you for taking care of him.” “You can take it from here. You’re more likely to get through to him.” *** Rosalie stood by the slightly ajar door and stared