Route 7 Review - Page 150

*** Sean and Adette rushed toward the crowd sheet as a makeshift barrier. “I’m scared.” of people outside the building. Sean scanned “I’m here.” He covered her nose with the sheet. the crowd for Gabby, but she was nowhere to be “Close your eyes.” he instructed, then he cradled seen. her in his arms and hurried back to the stairs, ex- “Where’s Gabby? Where’s Gabby!” Adette cept there were no longer there, not the top two asked hysterically. flights anyway. He held Gabby closer. “Okay, G, “Mummy!” I’m going to have to jump down to the next floor. Everyone looked up simultaneously and saw Gabby at the window on the top floor of the building. “Mummy help me!” “I’m coming Gabby!” Adette cried. Hold onto me.” Her eyes shot open. “I don’t like heights.” she said in a panic. “Close your eyes, and hold onto me.” Sean took Sean grabbed her shoulders. “No Adette! I’ll go.” a few steps back, then sprinted forward, and She nodded frantically, tears streaming jumped from the platform straight down to the down her face. “Don’t let her die.” next floor. His knees nearly buckled when his “I won’t.” Then Sean ran inside the building feet hit the landing, but he was able to maintain without hesitation, dodging falling rafters, and his balance. He sprinted down the remaining holes in the floor that had been eaten by fire. stairs before they collapsed under the flames. He covered his nose with his jacket sleeve and Sean burst through the thick curtain of rushed to the stairs three at a time. The several smoke to the street, and was greeted by paramed- piles of wood scattered around the building pro- ics, firemen, a loud triumphant cheer, a relieved vided a full-course meal for the fire. Aiding it in Adette who took Gabby from his arms. And re- spreading faster. porters. Lots and lots of reporters. He instantly “Gabby!” he shouted over the roaring flames threw the hood over his head. But they’d already when he reached the top floor. seen his face, they’d already snapped pictures, “Uncle Sean! I’m over here!” they’d already aimed their video cameras at him. He followed the direction of her voice and “Ruby Face can you tell us your real name?” found her huddled in the corner on his bed. He one of the reporters inquired. hurried to her, she jumped into arms and hugged He angled his face away from the circling vul- him tightly. “I’m going to get you out of here.” tures and hurried after Adette and Gabby to the he assured her, while wrapping her in the bed ambulance. He stepped into the ambulance to es-