Route 7 Review - Page 149

new.” He glared at Joey. “If your lackey doesn’t “There’re going to work out for you too.” take his hand off of me, I’m going to break his He shrugged. “I don’t know about that.” arm and beat him to a pulp like I did your last “You have someone who loves you Sean. Few of guard. And then, I’m going to mess you up. Just us have that.” for fun.” Joey gestured to the guard, and he dropped “She won’t love me anymore when she sees what I’ve become.” his hand. “You are not a monster Sean.” she told him. “I’m waving the white flag. You can take the girl. “You’re more than you think you are. You need She’ll be back.” He winked at Adette. “Third to go to her and let her know you’re alive. My time’s the charm.” husband’s dead, and I know that, but if he was “